In 2022 we celebrated Elder Ruth Christie and Songs about Lake Winnipeg.

Selkirk’s own Elder Ruth Christie helped inspire singer songwriter Daniel Jordan’s new EP on songs about life - and death - on Lake Winnipeg. Inspired by their collaboration Holiday Alley, the Manitoba Metis Federation and N4 Construction hosted an intimate evening of songs and stories that remind everyone that Manitoba has its own in-land sea, stories and now songs. The concert opened with local fiddling prodigy, 16-year old Morgan Grace (photo below), who has been a regular performer at Holiday Alley since its inception. Headlining the event was Daniel Jordan, whose seven-song EP Songs from the Inland Sea features seven new songs inspired by the Interlake and its waterways.

Daniel Jordan

Daniel Jordan (jonny moonbeam, Red Moon Road) brings history and legend to life on stage. Whether it is a song about the quarantine wedding conducted shouting vows to the priest across Netley Creek in 1867 because of a small-pox pandemic, or a Gordon Lightfoot-esque tribute to the 1906 sinking of the SS Princess on the lake, audiences will be captivated by creative musical arrangements and masterful re-imagining of Interlake lore.

“Songs from the Inland Sea” was created as a part of Theatre Projects Manitoba’s award-winning Chautauqua - The Interlake Trail artist series, through which Jordan spent a number of months researching, interviewing, and living in various interlake communities.

The song Three Sisters, from the album is inspired by a story told to Jordan from Selkirk Elder Ruth Christie. Daniel Jordan - The Three Sisters (Official Video) - YouTube


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