2023 Maker's Survey - Wishme Maker's Market


Thank you for joining us at the Maker's Market.  It was a pleasure to have you with us.

Every year we try to learn and get better at hosting a place for artisans like you to showcase your creations.

And most of our learning comes from you and the thoughts you share.

We would really appreciate it if you could share your ideas with us in this 18 Question survey - we promise it won't take long.

1. How did you hear about the Holiday Alley Makers Market?
2. How many years have you been selling at craft markets?
3. How many markets will you sell at during all of 2023?
6. What was the average price range for most of your items on sale at the Holiday Alley Makers Market
7. How were your sales at the Wishme Makers' Market on Holiday Alley compared to other markets in 2023?
7. How did you find logistics? Generally, was the unloading, registration setting up, parking suitable.
9. Were our communications to you clear and helpful?
15.. How do YOU advertise your attendance at upcoming shows? (Check all that apply)
16. Would you be interested in having a booth at the market again in 2023?
17. Would you recommend the market to other artists, crafters, and makers?

Thank you for sharing, we really appreciate it. We hope you have a healthy and prosperous Holiday Season and New Year!


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