Whether that voice is old or young, squeaky or baritone, sing along to our new version of the “12 Days of Christmas” rewritten to the 12ish Days of Holiday Alley.


World-Wide-Selkirk Sing-A-Long
12ish Days of Holiday Alley

When the pandemic locked down Manitoba it prevented our team from doing our usual winter street festival in Manitoba – Holiday Alley. We turned to the world for help.

And citizens from other towns, cities, and hamlets named Selkirk – plus dozens of other communities around the world came to the rescue!

In fact, “12ish Days of Holiday Alley” includes complete strangers from as far as France and as far west as British Columbia.

This project brought together a bit of the holiday magic to this small-city festival and we’ve connected so many new friends virtually.


Our new lyrics…

On the first day of Holidays
the Alley brought to me
our hometown spark-ling with light…
On the second day of Holidays
the Alley brought to me
Two Santa snaps and
our hometown spark-ling with light…

Third day… Three Metis jiggers, Fourth day… Four pretty pups
Fifth day… Five re-ed masks
Sixth day… Six chefs a-cooking Seventh day… Seven boys brushing Eighth day… Eight makers making Ninth day… Nine girls a-dancing Tenth day… Ten sparklers sparkling Eleventh day… Eleven poets playing

On the twelfth day of Holidays
the Alley brought to me
Twelve drummers drumming, Eleven poets playing,
Ten sparklers sparkling,
Nine girls a-dancing,
Eight makers making,
Seven boys brushing
Six chefs a-cooking,
Five re-ed masks…
Four pretty pups,
Three Metis jiggers,
Two Santa snaps,
and SELKIRK sparkling with light!